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The following is a list of achievements for Rescue HQ. There are 21 available achievements.

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Access All Areas.jpg Access All Areas Unlock every available item during a single scenario.
Air Support Wing.jpg Air Support Wing Own all three helicopters in a single scenario.
Build Frenzy.jpg Build Frenzy Have a room on every available tile in any scenario.
California Love.jpg California Love Successfully finish San Francisco Normal
Disgruntled.jpg Disgruntled First crew member quits
Early Retirement.jpg Early Retirement Finish San Francisco Hard with more than 1.000.000 T
Forsaken.jpg Forsaken Lose due to not having any more crew left
Heroic Action.jpg Heroic Action Successfully complete an emergency with less than 20% success chance.
High Competence.jpg High Competence Own a level 3 crew of every specialization (fire, police, medic).
I Fought The Law And ….jpg I Fought The Law And … Get your first suspect processed.
In High Regard.jpg In High Regard Reach the highest reputation cap in a scenario.
Maximum Aggression.jpg Maximum Aggression Successfully complete the Stronghold emergency in the SF scenario.
Peak Performance.jpg Peak Performance Finish a scenario with 100% success rate
Ready for the Worst.jpg Ready for the Worst Reach 100 crew members.
Rule of Law.jpg Rule of Law Have more than 60 police crew
Slush Funds.jpg Slush Funds Get your first grant.
Spice It Up.jpg Spice It Up Start the game with a mod.
The Anthill.jpg The Anthill Have more than 150 crew members
The Pain Train.jpg The Pain Train Successfully complete the Train Wreck emergency in the Berlin Scenario.
Underfunded.jpg Underfunded Lose due to bankruptcy
Wealthy beyond belief.jpg Wealthy beyond belief Have 1.000.000 T during a single scenario.