Create your first Emergency

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This is a small tutorial on how to create a Emergency

create a <filename>.fsx file named after your emergencies

#load "EmergencyShared.fsx"
open EMT.Modding
open EmergencyShared

//Level 1 - first day 

Def.Emergency.Add {
    ID = "ImASuperHero"
    Type = Type.Police
    Difficulty = "Hard"
    Level = 1
    Weighting = {
        Day = 1.0
        Night = 1.0
    Tags = {
        Visible = ["Urban"]
        Hidden = ["Police"; "Tier1";"USA";"OnLand";]
    TitleKey = "Im_A_Superhero"
    InitialDescriptionKeys = ["Im_A_Superhero_Desc01"]
    AssetRequirements = [
        "Police", 1, 100 

    PreparationTime = Gt.hours 0.1
    ResolutionTime = Gt.hours 100.00
    MoneyGainOnSuccess = 0
    ReputationGainOnDispatch = 0, 100
    ReputationCostToTerminate = Some (1, 1)
    Events = [
        When.Emergency.Success [
            AddXp 1000.0
            AddExhaustion 0.1
            AddInjury 0.0 0.05 ["Light"]
            SetMood 1.0
            ForEach.Emergency.Vehicle [Vehicle.Damage 0.0]
        When.Emergency.Failure [
            AddExhaustion 10.0
            AddInjury 1.0 1.0 ["Hard"]
            SetMood -10.0
            ForEach.Emergency.Vehicle [Vehicle.Damage 100.0]

Let me now explain you the what the lines actually mean

#load "EmergencyShared.fsx"
open EMT.Modding
open EmergencyShared

//Comment for your self.

This is the headder that is needed to create a emergency

Def.Emergency.Add {
    ID = "CatStuckInTreeHigh"   ///This is a id that you use to refere to your emergency in other files
    Type = Type.FireDept       ///This type tag is used to declare your emergency on a type, for example we selecte a single department Firedepartment emergency here, for example you can also use Type.AllThree
    Difficulty = "Easy"       ///We offer a visible difficulty indicator on the sidebar (1-3 star rating), you can select between Easy, Medium and Hard
    Level = 1                ///The Level is more or less the same a the Difficutly indicator just used internal for spawning your emergencies in the right wave
    Weighting = {
        Day = 1.0           ///idicator how often your emergency spawn at day compare to other emergencies
        Night = 0.0        ///idicator how often your emergency spawn at night emergencies

This was the basic setup now lets add some more information to our emergency

Tags = {
        Visible = ["Urban"]          ///This is used as a vibsile tag, these tags can be used on your people too and used to give your +% in success rate from these
        Hidden = ["FireDept"; "Tier1";"USA";"OnLand";"Berlin"]  ///Used to spawn your emergency on the right place and where they should be used, this emergency is spawned on the map Berlin on land for example

Now lets add some information to spawn our emergency on the map and give it a view more icons

TitleKey = "CatStuck_Title"                           ///This is the title refered at the loca kit
    InitialDescriptionKeys = ["CatStuck_Desc02"]     ///This is the description refered at the loca kit
    AssetRequirements = [                           ///List the tools, people ....etc you actually need for this emergency
        "FireFighter", 2, 48 //96                  ///We use 2 firefighter in this emergency each of them add 48% success rate        
        "Ladder", 1, 4 //4                        ///Lets add a ladder to get the cat from the tree, ... 48 + 48 = 96, so the ladder will add 4% to have the 100% fullfilled

So a emergency would not be fun without some items to use and people that actually handle it right? Here we add them

PreparationTime = Gt.hours 2.0                      ///This much ingame time is needed untill the emergency runs out
    ResolutionTime = Gt.hours 0.75                 ///This ingame time is taken to solve the emergency by your crew
    MoneyGainOnSuccess = 500                      ///The money gain after a successfull emergency
    ReputationGainOnDispatch = 0, 20             ///The gain reputation if you dispatch your crew
    ReputationCostToTerminate = Some (10, 10)   ///The call for help button can get more expensive by time if you like

Preparation is everything so are these timers for your emergency

 Events = [                                                         ///In events we can handle what actually happen in a emergency, can your people get hurt? Damn you might bring back a new item or prisoner
        When.Emergency.Success [                                   ///If a emergency success we can handle it here
            AddXp 7.0                                             ///Add Xp to your crew members
            AddExhaustion 1.0                                    ///The level of exhausting your people get from that emergency
            AddInjury 0.0 0.05 ["Light"]                        ///Add a chance that they can get Injured
            SetMood 1.0                                        ///People should feel happy if they successfull finish a emergency, dont they?
            ForEach.Emergency.Vehicle [Vehicle.Damage 10.0]   ///As you use your vehicle add some damage to them
        When.Emergency.Failure [                            ///Set  stats as on failed emergencys 
            AddExhaustion 1.5
            AddInjury 0.1 0.2 ["Light"]
            SetMood -2.0
            ForEach.Emergency.Vehicle [Vehicle.Damage 10.0]

Let's wrap it up with some stats and xp for your people and vehicles